Advisory, capacity building, Europe, institutional reforms, Macedonia, Post-communist transition and development issues

"Think and Link - capacity building seminar" institutional and individual capacity building


This project consisted of a training organised for think tanks from the Balkans that took place in Macedonia on December 11 and 12, 2009. The "Think and Link - the capacity building seminar" was aimed at institutional and individual capacity building. The market for think-thanks and research organisations is bounded by specific national and local developmental conditions. To engage in and both serve and benefit from local and possibly wider markets requires a nuanced understanding of a national context. It requires interventions to look at public sector and existing political, economic and social structures, and operations and roles of different players within these markets. It should also encompass the following:

  • Understand national public policy domain and prevailing themes that are central to policy making but also are important to wider society, including its vulnerable populations
  • Stay abreast what current public policy debates in a given sector in regional and international fora
  • Identify challenges for intervention in a specific complex environment
  • Perform realistic and explicit assessment of sustainability of the intervention and take into account practical information and analysis for intervention
  • Devise strong communication and partnerships plan

Training agenda:

BLOCK I: Organization and Role of Think Tanks

BLOCK II: Policy Impact and Regional cooperation

BLOCK III: Research instruments

BLOCK IV: Writing a policy paper




European Fund for the Balkans