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Prowadzone projekty:

  •     ANCIEN - Assessing Needs of Care in European Nations
  •     EU-25: MICRODYN - The competitiveness of firms, regions and industries in the knowledge-based economy: What room for job-rich growth in Europe?
  •     GSP - Mid-term Evaluation of the EU's Generalised System of Preferences
  •     MEDPRO - Prospective Analysis for the Mediterranean Region
  •     NEUJOBS - Employment 2025: How will multiple transition affect the European labour market
  •     Russia, Ukraine: Economic and Social Consequences of Industrial Restructuring in Russia and Ukraine (ESCIRRU)
  •     SERVICEGAP - The Impact of Services Sector Innovation and Internationalisation on Growth and Productivity
  •     Study on The effects of the global crisis on the financial sector in candidate and potential candidate countries
  •     Think and Link


  •     Stosunki Międzynarodowe (studia magisterskie), Uniwersytet Linkoping, Szwecja (2009)
  •     Stosunki Międzynarodowe (studia licencjackie), Institute of Political Science and International Relations, Kiszyniów, Mołdawia (2005)
  •     Anglistyka (studia licencjackie), Uniwersytet Państwowy Mołdawii, Mołdawia (2001)

rumuński (ojczysty), angielski (biegły), rosyjski (biegły), polski (zaawansowany), francuski (dobry)

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