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Study on the Quality of Public Finances to Support Growth in the EU's Mediterranean Partner Countries



In the EU, the quality of public finances has emerged in recent years as a focal point for policy makers and researchers.  The link between the quality of public finances and economic growth has been of particular interest to the European Commission.  A CASE team of researchers has been selected by DG ECFIN to lead a study aimed at investigating the challenges in this field as it applies to the EU's partners in the Mediterranean region. 

The study will include a survey of the literature on "fiscal policy for growth", as it applies to the EU's Mediterranean partner countries and analyze more in details the aspects of the quality of public finances that pose the biggest constraints on growth in the region.  The report will provide the EC with policy recommendations and proposals for further research.



European Commissioin, DG ECFIN

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European Commissioin, DG ECFIN