01 Sie 2019 - 30 Lis 2019

30 years of economic reforms in Poland: successes and failures as an example for today's Belarus

Project description:

The main goal of the project is to increase knowledge among the recipient groups in Belarus on the process of implementing reforms in Poland in 1989-2019. We assume that this goal will be achieved through the following activities:

1) Organization of opened lectures in Minsk, where Polish economists will share knowledge on selected topics, crucial for the economy of Belarus;

2) Organization of a discussion panel at the Kastryčnicki Economic Forum, during which experts will pass on knowledge on the successes and challenges of Polish reforms for Forum participants;

3) Preparation of educational video materials.

We assume that the project will lead to an increase in knowledge about economic reforms in Poland, will contribute to discussion on the economic situation in Belarus and in the future its effects will be used to build an educational program for colleges.

Objectives of the project:

Project has following objectives:

  1. To increase knowledge of the project's target groups on the successes and challenges of economic reforms in Poland, launched in 1989
  2. To start the dialogue and exchange of experience regarding the development of the post-communist economy between Polish and Belarusian experts.
  3. Polish experts will expand the recipients' knowledge about the current state of economic reforms in Belarus.

Project leader: CASE

Project partners:  CASE Belarus


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