fluent Russian, Ukrainian and English and has a good command of French

Anna Kolesnichenko

Uczestnik projektów CASE

Anna Kolesnichenko (born 1977) has been working with CASE Ukraine since 2001. She specializes in government debt policy, financial sector development and coordination of monetary and fiscal policies.
Previously, she worked in different projects of technical assistance. In UNDP project she was assisting the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine in preparing the section on the state debt policy for the State Program of Economic and Social Development of Ukraine for the year 2002. During internship at HIID she conducted research on measuring fiscal imbalance.
Over 1997-1999 she was involved in environmental and political activism: was a member of student environmental NGO, played a key role in the project "Community Participation" in Donetsk, participated in the elections campaign.
She received her M.A. degree in Economics from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy's EERC Program and a Specialist degree in Management from the Donetsk State Academy of Management. In 2002 she took Applied Economic Policy course at the Joint Vienna Institute.

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