2017 Habilitation, University of Warsaw

2002-2009 University of Warsaw, PhD in Economics

2003-2005 Department of Economics, Purdue University, Indiana, USA, MA in Economics

1999-2000  London School of Economics and Political Science, Department of Economics – General Course, a study year for visiting undergraduates

1997-2002  University of Warsaw, Department of Economics, MA summa cum laude, Andrzej Semkow prize for best MA thesis

Jan Hagemejer

Macroeconomics & Trade Director

Jan Hagemejer’s areas of expertise are international trade as well as macroeconomic and structural issues. He graduated from University of Warsaw where he also obtained his PhD and habilitation, as well as from Purdue University (MA in Economics). He works as an associate professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw. Prior to joining CASE, Jan Hagemejer worked as the head of Structural Analysis Division at the National Bank of Poland as well as the Center for Global Economic Analysis at Purdue University. His publications include, among others, works on trade policy reform evaluations, global value chains, productivity and internationalization as well as on various macroeconomic and structural issues (pension system reforms, services sector, energy and environment, inflation, fiscal policy, business cycle etc.). He also has a considerable experience in working with firm-level data.

His experience includes supervising research projects undertaken at the University of Warsaw and financed by the Polish National Science Center, which were devoted to trade, trade policy and the enterprise sector. In the past, he also took part as an investigator in several other projects funded by the National Science Centre as well as the European Commission, for example, the DISSETLLE project on dispute settlements in trade, the MicroDyn project on firm-level analysis of internationalization, the EMERYT project devoted to pension system reforms, as well as several projects EU-funded trade-related projects undertaken by the Femise consortium. Moreover, he was involved in several projects for the Polish government devoted to CGE-based ex-ante analyses of trade liberalization, for example the Round of WTO and the EU Service Directive.


Latest publications and research

2019, Export-led growth and its determinants. Evidence from CEEC countries. World Economy, vol 42(7), Wiley, pp. 1994-2025, with Jakub Mućk.

2018, Globalisation and the Polish economy: macro and micro growth effects, BIS Papers chapters,in: Bank for International Settlements (ed.), Globalisation and deglobalisation, volume 100, pages 273-289 Bank for International Settlements, with Piotr Szpunar

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2017, Up or Down the Value Chain? A Comparative Analysis of the GVC Position of the Economies of the New EU Member States, Central European Economic Journal (published online ahead of print). doi:, with Mahdi Ghodsi

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2017, Upstreamness of Employment and Global Financial Crisis in Poland: The Role of Position in Global Value Chains. In: Havlik P., Iwasaki I. (eds) Economics of European Crises and Emerging Markets. Palgrave, Singapore. doi: 10.1007/978-981-10-5233-0_10, with Joanna Tyrowicz

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2015, Small assumptions (can) have a large bearing: evaluating pension system reforms with OLG models, Economic Modelling 48, 210–221, with Marcin Bielecki, Karolina Goraus, Krzysztof Makarski, Joanna Tyrowicz

2015, Unprivatizing the pension system: the case of Poland. Applied Economics, 47, 833–852, with Krzysztof Makarski and Joanna Tyrowicz



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