09 Jun 2020

Cookies policy

This website uses cookies to ensure proper performance and for statistical purposes. Cookie storage settings can be adjusted in your browser. For more information, see the Privacy Policy and the information below.

Cookie policy

This Cookie Policy is an appendix to and an integral part of the Privacy Policy.


Cookies are small text files stored by the Website on a computer, telephone or any other device of the User, containing data about how the User uses the Website.

The CASE Website uses the following cookies:

permanent – these remain in a device’s browser until deleted by the User or for a period predefined by us;

session (temporary) – these remain in a device’s browser until the browser or the Website on which they are placed are closed.

Third-party cookies, i.e. Google Analytics are also used.

Purpose for which cookies are used

CASE uses cookies to ensure efficient performance of the CASE website, and for statistical and analytical purposes.

Use of cookies 

The table below contains information about cookies used on the CASE Website. This information is updated regularly.

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Monitoring of cookies 

Cookies and the information stored in them, and the accessing of that information, does not affect configuration of the device or software installed on the device. 

Information obtained by CASE due to cookies is not attributable to a specific individual and does not enable that individual to be identified.

Browser settings regarding cookies can be changed at any time, and this includes blocking or deleting cookies originating from the CASE Website. To do this, adjust the browser settings. If these settings are not changed, this constitutes acceptance of use of cookies.

Most browsers allow the option of acceptance or rejection of all cookies, acceptance or rejection of certain types of cookies only, or notification of the User each time the Website attempts to store the cookies. It is also easy to delete cookies that a browser has stored on a device. Cookies are managed and deleted in various ways, depending on the browser used. Here is specific information regarding management of cookies for certain browsers: 

For more information about managing cookies go to:

Cookies stored in a terminal device may also be used by the Google Analytics service provider. For more information about the Google Analytics privacy policy, please go to the page Privacy policy.