01 Mar 2024
CASE Working papers

Modelling the environmental impact of agri-food trade policies

In the era of globalization, international trade policies significantly influence the economic and environmental conditions of countries. As environmental concerns grow, it's important to understand how these trade policies affect sustainable development and identify the strategies needed to achieve positive outcomes for the climate and environment. 

This analysis aims to evaluate the impact of international agricultural trade on achieving certain climate and environmental goals, particularly those outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mainly Goal 13, but also parts of other environment-related goals. We examined the effects of specific trade agreements, considering the current energy and climate policies, using modeling tools to focus on CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions like N2O and CH4. This helps us understand how international trade can reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally and find ways to prevent pollution from simply moving to other regions due to changes in trade. 

This working paper provides arguments for developing new and improved trade policies that incorporate environmental measures as tools to mitigate climate change. 


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