Digitalisation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Mediterranean

The European Committee of the Regions established the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM) on 21 January 2010 in Barcelona, together with associations of local and regional authorities (LRAs). ARLEM aims at promoting local democracy, multi-level governance and decentralised cooperation around the three shores of the Mediterranean. As set out in the new Action Plan, it will focus its work on the strategic priorities of

(i) sustainable economic development;

(ii) climate action in the Mediterranean;

iii) women's empowerment.

The digitalisation of small and medium enterprises is linked to the first priority: sustainable economic development.

The elaboration of a study on the digitalisation of SMEs in the Mediterranean region will contribute to ARLEM's work on economic growth and social development in the Southern Mediterranean partner countries and the whole area. Micro, Small and Medium size enterprises (MSMEs) in the Mediterranean, which as mentioned are the backbone of the economy, create job opportunities and, increasingly, spur innovation. Unfortunately, they are often prevented from reaching their full potential. The study focuses on the following components:

  1. Identification of the main blocking points
  2. Policy recommendations to LRAs linked to the main blocking points identified and how the local and regional level can be concretely supported to enhance the digitalisation of SMEs.
  3. List funding possibilities, from the EU or others, available to LRAs from the South Mediterranean partner countries that would allow them to fund projects related to the enhancement of the digitalisation of SMEs.

The study is conducted by CASE in partnership with the European Institute of the Mediterranean  (IEMed) based in Barcelona for the European Committee of the Regions.


Project funding: The European Committee of the Regions

Partner: European Institute of the Mediterranean  (IEMed)