Europe, innovation, Poland, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy, CASE Reports, service sector, CASE Network Studies and Analyses

External vs Internal Determinants of Firm Technology Strategy: Evidence from the Polish Services Sector

The authors use the insights from strategy research and innovation studies to address two principal questions regarding the technology strategy of a firm: what are the distinct elements of technology strategy and what are the strategy determinants? Equipped with Zahra’s (1996) concept of measuring technology strategy, we analyze data from two runs of the Community Innovation Survey for Polish service firms. They propose a set of indicators reflecting four principal fields of technology strategy: pioneer-posture, R&D efforts, technology portfolio, and monitoring activities. Interactions between the strategic variables are analyzed and their determinants are assessed. The results suggest that technology strategies are determined by both factors external to the firm, and by the hitherto less stressed in the CIS-based empirical literature, internal factors. The role of internal factors increases with the macroeconomic environment becoming less favourable.