PhD candidate, Warsaw School of Economics, Collegium of Socio-Economics

MA, Political Science, University of Wrocław


Polish (native), English (fluent), French (intermediate), Russian (basic)

Agnieszka Kulesa


Agnieszka Kulesa specializes in labour markets and international labour migration. She graduated from the University of Wrocław; currently a PhD candidate at the Warsaw School of Economics, Collegium of Socio-Economics. In 2007–2010 she worked for the Polish Institute of International Affairs and in 2010–2014 for the Migration Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior of Poland, where she was responsible for international cooperation in the field of migration and coordinated various activities conducted within the framework of the Prague Process. In 2014–2016 she lived in London, where she worked for a British charity in a project dedicated to the Polish migrants, and voluntarily supported asylum seekers, refugees and victims of trafficking in human beings. In 2017–2018 Agnieszka worked for the Institute of Public Affairs in Warsaw, Poland, as an analyst and project manager, also in her function as Head of Migration Policy Programme.


  • labour migration and labour markets
  • labour markets inequalities
  • external dimension of the European Union’s policy on migration and asylum
  • migration management

project involvement: expert

case publications