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Assisting Russia's Transition: An Unprecedented Challenge

Assisting Russia's Transition: An Unprecedented Challenge is a report published in October 2002, evaluating the World Bank's ten-year aid programme and its impact on reforms in Russia. CASE and The Institute for the Economy in Transition in Moscow were two non-government research institutes invited to take part in the evaluating project entitled 'Russia - Country Assistance Evaluation' that resulted in the mentioned report.
On the World Bank's website the final report from the project, as well as background papers authored by CASE experts: Marek Dąbrowski (co-ordinator), Barbara Błaszczyk, Jacek Cukrowski, Helena Góralska, Jacek Rostowski and Irena Topińska, may be found.
To download the report and the backgroud papers, please visit the website http://www.worldbank.org/oed/russia_cae