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Financial Participation of Employees in Companies' Proceeds

Employee financial participation (EFP), in the form of share ownership by employees, either individually or through share ownership plans, such as Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs), or in the form of profit-sharing has been a feature of employee participation in EU Member States for many years. It has caught the special attention of the European Commission and the  European Parliament and a series of reports (notably the so-called PEPPER reports) have been published addressing the issue.

General Objectives of the Project
CASE is providing the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament (EP) with a research study on the financial participation of employees in companies' proceeds. The aim is to provide the EP with an up-to-date, comprehensive picture of the latest development in this area. The study is based on interviews, existing available data, relevant documents of national and international institutions as well as our own expertise. The final aim is to provide the EP with policy recommendations.

Project Structure and Involvement of CASE
CASE will carry out the bulk of the study in cooperation with ECORYS.


European Parliament, DG Internal Policies Of The Union - Department A - Economic And Scientific Policy - Policy Department