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Emerging Markets Stability Index



This project analyzes the stability of emerging market countries and generates research directed at investors, analysts, and other stakeholders.  The stability of emerging market countries is determined based on a set of political, economic, social, and security criteria.  Data is published in an Emerging Market Stability Index, as well as in monthly reports.

Data is collected from over 20 emerging market countries and processed by the Eurasia Group in order to produce the Index.  A standardized questionnaire is used to capture all the relevant events and processes that can possibly impact on the short and long-term political and economic stability of a country.

The project provides  a solid narrative for international investors seeking to evaluate the stability of an emerging market by trying to quantify the notion of "stability" via the Index and the score of structural and temporal variables  included in the standardized questionnaire.

CASE is concerned with data collection and analysis for Poland.


Euroasia Group


Marcin Sasin (2001 - 2005)
Malgorzata Jakubiak (2005 - 2008/10)
Dagmara Mycielska (2008/11 - ongoing)