01 Nov 2021 - 01 Jun 2022

V4 support to promote WB6 Common Regional Market: one market for post-COVID recovery

Project description:

The project focuses on sharing experiences, transferring knowledge and recommending further regional economic integration through development of the WB6 Common Regional Market using experiences from ex-CEFTA and V4 after integration into the EU single market. Project products (e-book and storytelling video) and events (conference, roundtable, webinar, lectures) address the difference in economic cooperation before and after entering the EU and how to speed up process of European integration, with focus on closer economic cooperation between V4 and WB6 in the post-COVID period.

Project funding: International Visegrad Fund

Project Leader: Montenegrin Pan-European Union (Montenegro)

Project partners: CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland), Union of the Robert Schuman Institute for Developing Democracy in Central-Eastern Europe (Hungary), Institute for Politics and Society (Czechia), Macro-Economic and Social Analyses 10 (Slovakia), Albanian Center for Economic Research (Albania), Foreign Policy Initiative BH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), FINANCE THINK – Economic, Research and Policy Institute (North Macedonia), Center for Foreign Policy (Serbia), Riinvest Institute for Development Research (Kosovo)