Webinar on EuroPACE: Innovative Building Renovation Platform for European Cities

“EuroPACE: Innovative Building Renovation Platform for European Cities” was a webinar organized jointly by Climate Alliance and the EuroPACE project, led by CASE, held on Thursday, October 18th.

With nearly a 100 people registered for the webinar, we had a lively discussion and heard three following presentations: 

  • Andrew R. Deacon from Climate Alliance gave an overview of the challenges and barriers faced by local authorities when it comes to developing and delivering home renovation programmes. Andrew gave examples of programs from France, the Netherlands, and Denmark.
  • Davide Cannarozzi, Founder and Managing Partner of Global New Energy Finance presented the EuroPACE initiative, an Horizon 2020 project, aimed at developing an innovative financing mechanism to boost energy efficiency investment in existing residential buildings. Davide gave an overview of the project from the concept phase to its implementation, with a particular focus on benefits and potential impact of this innovative instrument. 
  • Karolina Zubel, a Senior Researcher from the Center for Social and Economic Research, spoke about potential EuroPACE implementation in the EU-28. Karolina offered an overview of legal and fiscal methodology and highlighted 4 most promising countries: Austria, Belgium, Italy and Poland. 

Webinar recording is available on our YouTube Channel.

The EuroPACE journey to innovate the home renovation market begun in March, 2018 and this three-year long project intends to: 

  1. Assess Market Readiness: Conduct market review to determine viability and attractiveness of EuroPACE financing across Europe. 
  2. Deploy EuroPACE in Spain: Design and run the first residential EuroPACE pilot in Olot (Catalonia, Spain). 
  3. Scale Across Europe: Facilitate and support 4 leader cities willing to set up EuroPACE platforms. The selection process will begin in 2019, cities are welcome to join the EuroPACE Community by signing up for the newsletter

With EuroPACE, cities can take an active role to enable private capital to help accelerate building renovation. EuroPACE takes advantage of the capacity, resources and the core competences of both the public and private sectors to deliver an integrated platform for sustainable, smart and efficient home and building renovation. Thus, EuroPACE represents a winning solution for city administrations and urban planners, contractors, investors and above all - European citizens.

We welcome you to learn more about the EuroPACE project by visiting www.europace2020.eu