28 Aug 2023 - ongoing
Europe, Infrastructure, energy and climate change, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy

Towards Regional Circular Supply Chains: Knowledge exchange from V4 to WB

The project supports Western Balkan partners in developing strategies to improve the sustainability of production, reducing, recycling and managing waste by looking at the entire lifecycle of products by exchanging the know-how and good practices between V4 and Western Balkan countries. It supports a shift from conventional supply chains to circular in the Central Eastern European region.

The project mission is to smooth the way for the transformation towards circularity by exchanging knowledge and expertise and additionally supporting the process of creating new business models that strengthen the position of companies on the market through creating public-private partnerships and influencing the policy-creation level first.

Leader: Center for Research and Policy Making (North Macedonia)

Partners: CASE (Poland), Circular Slovakia (Slovakia), HETFA Research Institute Ltd (Hungrary), Co-PLAN (Albania), Institute for Territorial Economic Development (Serbia).

Funding: Visegrad Fund