Temur Basilia

Co-founder of CASE - Transcaucasus

M.S. Economics (1979) Tbilisi State University


Previous Positions:
- 1997-2004: Held the following positions in the Office of the President of Georgia: Principal Adviser to the President of Georgia on Economic Issues;

- Head of the committee in charge of preparation of Georgia's Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Program;

- Secretary of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council; Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Center for Enterprise Restructuring and Management Assistance (CERMA);

- Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Georgian Social Investment Fund
- 1994-1996: Vice Prime-Minsiter of Georgia in charge of Economic Reforms and Cooperation  with International Financial Organizations; also Chairman of the Financial and Budgetary Committee of the Parliament of Georgia and member of Sakrebulo (Local Legislative Body).

"Eurasian Commentary", Russian-Eurasian Renaissance? US Trade and Investment in Russia and Eurasia (2003), edited by J.H. Kalicki and E.K. Lawson, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Stanford Business Books;

Basilia T, Silagadze A, Chikvaidze T (2001) Post-Socialist Transformation: Georgian economy in the beginning of XXI century, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia and international community (2002) Tbilisi, Georgia

Basilia T, Begiashvili G (1998) First results of reform, Tbilisi, Georgia





project involvement: expert