01 Dec 2010 - 01 Dec 2011
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SME Fact Sheets: Study on the Compilation of SME policy measures and assessment of the Small Business Act implementation within the SME performance Review 2010



CASE team prepares the policy parts of the SME (small and medium Enterprises) Fact Sheets for five countries - Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, and Slovenia. The work consists of preparing compilation of SME policy measures undertaken in 2010 and First trimester of 2011 in the five listed countries and writing assessment of the state and implementation of policies within the Small Business Act (SBA) for Europe for Poland. Moreover, experts are requested to communicate with the EC officials during Commission's fact finding missions to the respective countries and answer their questions regarding specific trends in the SME development.

The aim of the project managed by Ecorys' consortium is to prepare SME Fact Sheets for the EU Member States and ten additional European countries. The Fact Sheets present the assessment of a given countries´ SME policy and - for the EU-27 countries - their progress in implementing the Small Business Act for Europe, which was designed in 2008 to strengthen the potential of SME's and to promote their competitiveness both within the Single Market and global market.

Country SME Fact Sheets are prepared and published yearly by the DG Enterprise and Industry since 2008. At present, the consortium is asked to prepare the policy part of the Fact Sheets for the year 2010.


DG Enterprise/DG ECFIN framework contract

Austrian Institute for Economic Research, WIFO
Copenhagen Business School
Center for Policy Studies, PRAXIS
The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, ETLA