Seminar "New opening? Germany and Poland in Europe"

Agnieszka Kulesa, an economist at CASE, participated in the seminar "New opening? Germany and Poland in Europe ", organized in Warsaw on June 25 by the Institute of Public Affairs and the European Academy in Berlin.

During the first part of the meeting titled "Effective Migration and Integration Policy: Politics and Society in Dialogue", the CASE expert referred to the current situation in Poland, emphasizing, among others, the fact that the lack of a written migration strategy does not mean that the country does not conduct any policy in this area. Its effectiveness should be evaluated from the perspective of the goals of those political actors who are responsible for designing and implementing solutions in the field of migration and integration. What's more, these goals may be divergent from those formulated by experts and scientists.

“What we need today the most is a responsible and bold policy, that won’t be influenced by electoral cycles, and will take into account long-term interests of the country,” said Agnieszka Kulesa.

The meeting, which was attended by experts and representatives of public administration from Poland and Germany, was intended for experts, media representatives and multipliers interested in the issues of migration and digitization, which was discussed during the second part of the meeting.