01 Feb 2008 - 01 Jun 2008
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Poland: Evaluation Study on the Impact of the Cohesion Policy on the Status of Diversity and Development of Polish Regions



This project was conducted following a request from the Polish Ministry of Regional Development to assess the impact of the EU's financial intervention in the years 2004-2006 on the convergence of Polish regions against other ongoing parallel economic and social processes.  The final report covers all the instruments of the 2004-2006 Cohesion Policy  as applied in Poland, including structural funds, Community Initiatives (Equal and Interreg) and the Cohesion Fund.  

The two working objectives were:

  1. to determine the EU-financed contribution to the positive economic and social processes and to counteract negative processes;
  2. to determine if the undertakings implemented with EU funds enhanced the social and economic development level in Poland or resulted in inter-regional and intra-regional differentiation.

The team involved in the project implementation phase had to answer a series of detailed research questions and to evaluate the 2004-2006 Cohesion Policy instruments based on a set of predefined criteria.  The studies were conducted by an interdisciplinary research team using modern methods of data analysis, visualization and econometric modelling.

The results were summarized in a final report prepared for publication and in a summing-up brochure.


Polish Ministry of Regional Development