• Ph.D., Economics, Clark University, (1967-1970),
  • MA, Economics, Clark University, (1967-1970),
  • Licenciaat Doctorandus Ekonimie, Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, (1963 - 1967).

Luc De Wulf


  • sectoral policies/reform
  • trade
  • customs reform
  • macroeconomics
  • public finance


Previous Positions:

  • CASE Fellow,
  • Independent Consultant,
  • Instructor, Export diversification/development, trade facilitation and customs and transit, Economic Development Institute of the World Bank (2007-2008),
  • Instructor, WTO Trade Facilitation dissemination workshops, in Tunisia Indonesia, China, Benin, Uganda, Antigua (2007).


Selected Publications:

Customs Management in Fragile States, World Bank, 2007
Customs Modernization Initiatives, World Bank, 2005
Customs Modernization Handbook, World Bank, 2005


Online Profiles:

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case publications