01 Jan 2005 - 01 Sep 2005
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How well does the EU Structural Policy Suit the New Member States?


The project accomplished in September 2005 and involving five research institutes. In the project, led by the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, CASE partners were: Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies (Latvia), EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy (Czech Republic), Institute of Slovak and World Economy of Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia), Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary), and Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (Austria). The objective of the project was to consider how an optimal Structural Policy should be designed from the perspective of the new member states. Within the project, a workshop (in May 2005) and a public conference (in September 2005) were held in Brussels.

Geographical range:

Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden


BICEPS - Latvia
EUROPEUM - Czech Republic
Institute for World Economics - Hungary
Institute of Slovak and World Economics - Slovakia

Sponsor: SIEPS - Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies