EuroPACE. Final Publishable Report

EuroPACE was a three and a half year European Commission-funded project, started in March 2018 and ended in August 2021. Since its inception, the EuroPACE project has been at the forefront of the innovation in sustainable home renovation. As a result of this EU-funded project, partners developed a commercially viable home renovation program model. The model is rooted in the concept of public-private partnership, where both sectors join forces to set up a customer-centric renovation service to boost the renovation wave across Europe. Such public-private partnership is realized by setting up program entities able to channel public and private funds, proactively seek renovation projects, verify contractors and ensure high quality of work. The innovation lies in setting up a scalable and economically self- sustainable home renovation service that is attractive and affordable to all European citizens. 

Originally launched and tested in Olot, Spain, the program was adopted in the Basque Country, with the involvement of the Basque Country Energy Agency and its regional government. Subsequently, it is being developed on the Balearic Islands (Menorca, Ibiza and Mallorca) as part of the Horizon 2020-funded REGENERATE project. Furthermore, the program model served as an inspiration for the HolaDomus Barcelona, a sustainable building renovation program in the capital of Catalonia.

The EuroPACE project has inspired many replicator EU projects, such as Save the Homes, FITHOM, HIROSS4all and others. Moreover, EuroPACE became a brand at the EU level and extends beyond the project itself, denoting the commitment to innovative financing, home renovation program design and focus on the needs of cities and regions.


Authors: Kristina Klimovich, Mart Jacobs, Eduard Puig and Mara Oprea, GNE Finance

Reviewers: Stanislav Bieliei, CASE