Euro-Mediterranean Political Research and Dialogue for Inclusive Policymaking Processes and Dissemination through Network Participation; WP: The Role of China in the Middle East and North Africa. Beyond Economic Interests

Project description:

Project aims at increasing the political research capacities and the influence of think tanks and research institutes in the framework of the EuroMeSCo network and to promote dialogue and understanding on key political trends and challenges of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and their dissemination to relevant stakeholders, policy-makers and civil society. The project is centred on three types of activities:

  • Research activities will consist of publication of Joint Policy Studies, Policy Briefs and Recommendations and Papers;
  • Dialogue activities will comprise of Dialogue Workshops, Annual Conferences and online platform of dialogue;
  • Dissemination activities, such as Local Presentations, website and production of a monthly Newsletter

Objectives of the project:

CASE is responsible for leading Working Package: The Role of China in the Middle East and North Africa; Beyond Economic Interests. The objective of the Working Package will be to explore and contribute to better understanding of the current engagement of China in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as to examine the potential future role of China in the region with its implications for the regional actors and for the EU. The Working Package will be divided into five chapters. The first chapter will set the context of China-MENA relations, through the analysis of the history of Chinese engagement in the region and strategic partnerships within the broader region itself. The second chapter will focus on the economic engagement, including growing trade relations and investment, as well as its implications for job creations and economic growth of the countries in the region. The third chapter will examine political, military and cultural engagement, including student exchanges, question of Islam in China itself, growing diplomatic engagement and participating in peacekeeping forces, arms sales and its impact on stability in the region. The fourth chapter will look at China´s engagement in the region from the perspective of the EU and its allies. The last part of the study will analyse the geopolitical implications of Chinese presence in the MENA region, the sustainability of Chinese balancing policies between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as the impact of China´s involvement on power dynamics in the region.

Project funding: European Union and the European Institute of the Mediterranean

Project leader: IEMed

Project partners:  members of EuroMeSco network