EU Migration Policy creates instability rather than solidarity in the region

In the recent CASE Report, State of the Art: The Nexus between European Neighborhood Policy and Justice and Home Affairs, authors Elspeth Guild, Viktoriya Khasson and Miriam Mir of CEPS examine the migration policies developed within the European Neighborhood Policy. They conclude that the ENP migration policy simply repackages much of what has already been agreed upon with third countries. "As regards irregular migration, the emphasis is on placing obligations on the neighbours to act as the buffer between the EU and other third countries...Instead of reinforcing solidarity in the region, such an approach is likely to create tension and instability."

Click here to read CASE Report 73/2007

The paper was produced within Work Package 9, "Cooperation in the Area of Justice, Freedom and Security" of the ENEPO Project (EU Eastern Neighbourhood: Economic Potential and Future Development). The three year project is being implemented by a consortium of 11 research institutions, led by CASE. The project examines various aspects of the European Union's relations with its neighbours to the east.

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