04 Oct 2021 - 28 Jun 2022

Equalising opportunities for the less developed regions of Armenia due to implementation of development projects

The project is aimed at a group of up to 30 people representing 10-15 selected municipalities in Armenia. Due to the fairly centralized system and hierarchically subordinated administration, the central authorities in Armenia manage most of the EU and international funds. Using the experience gained during the transformation period, based on almost 30 years of scientific research, CASE experts in cooperation with a local partner of the Economic Development and Research Center (EDRC) will develop a course for representatives of the local government of Armenia and conduct it, presenting their experience, knowledge and specific solutions applied during the implementation of Polish reforms, discussing the possibilities of using Polish experience in Armenia.

The project will include the following tasks:

1. Developing the course content for representatives of municipalities in Armenia.

2. Technical preparation and implementation of the course for local authorities representatives in Armenia.

3. Tutoring for project participants.


Partners: Economic Development and Research Center (EDRC, Armenia)

Sponsor: RITA programme