15 Dec 2021 - 15 Jun 2022
Labor market, social policy and social services

Developing a handbook on good practice in countering disinformation at local and regional level

Project description:

Having in mind the established frameworks at European level, it is necessary to ensure that the available tools are utilised at all levels and by all relevant actors that could contribute to the joint aim of empowering citizens in their resilience to disinformation. While it is beneficial to adopt broad strategies, these should be adjusted to the specific regional and local context.

There is a lack of recognition that local and regional authorities, being closest to the citizens, can be a valuable asset in fighting disinformation. It is also necessary to acknowledge their role in developing specific tailor-made activities and messaging which can support the engagement in the fight against disinformation at national and European level. Local and regional authorities should be assisted in building awareness-raising on disinformation threats in their constituencies, as well as in developing the capacity to react promptly to the threats.

The project aims at providing an overview of the existing EU framework and of the available tools to help fight against disinformation, taking into account the specific challenges encountered by local and regional authorities. Drawing from the existing framework and best practice, the project aims also to provide local and regional actors with concrete recommendations on effective measures to counter disinformation, with a particular focus on media literacy and civic education. It will contain proposals to support the CoR's foresight in this area..


Client: The Committee of the Regions

Leader: Millieu

Partner: CASE