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Determinants of Pro-Poor Growth: Analytical Issues and Findings from Country Cases

Determinants of Pro-Poor Growth
Analytical Issues and Findings from Country Cases
Michael Grimm, Stephan Klasen and Andy McKay


Pro-poor growth is considered central for achieving sustainable poverty reduction and the Millennium Development Goals. This volume analyzes determinants of pro-poor growth in eight countries. It employs advanced methods and tools for pro-poor growth research, including ex post analytical tools as well as ex ante simulation methods, highlighting the strengths and limits of this methodological toolbox. The book places particular emphasis on the role of regional inequality, price and policy reforms as well as political economy issues affecting pro-poor growth at the country level. It also analyzes the impact of agricultural, labour market policies, macroeconomics and natural resource policies.

The chapter entitled, "Romania in Transition: Growth, Jobs and Poverty" was co-authored by CASE experts W.Paczynski, A.Radziwill, A.Sowa, I.Topinska and M.Walewski.

More information about the book can be found at Palgrave website.

The book is one of the outcomes of the project funded by the World Bank and development agencies of the UK, France and Germany in which CASE experts covered the poverty profile and dynamics in Romania.