Challenges of Globalization

The book entitled "Challenges of Globalization: Imbalances and Growth" and edited by Anders Aslund and Marek Dąbrowski, addresses the growing macroeconomic imbalances and the challenges of globalization and long-term economic growth, with focus on Europe and Asia. Various aspects of macroeconomic imbalances are the theme of the first six chapters. The second part of the book discusses how the capitalist model of economic development, which has delivered all this growth, is developing or should evolve. The last two chapters consider options available to European policymakers to compete with and adjust to the rapidly growing East Asian Tigers and China.

The book was published together by Peterson Institute for International Economics and Center for Social and Economic Research.

The volume presents the most interesting papers from the CASE 2007 International Conference. The conference delt with globalization, with the main focus on Europe and Asia. The book contains 10 major contributions selected out of 36 delivered during the conference. They focus on two themes: global macroeconomic imbalances and growth.

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