01 Jun 2016 - 01 Feb 2017
Global/Multiregional, Research, Trade, economic integration and globalization

An ex-ante study of a possible modernisation of the EU-Chile Association Agreement

Project description 
The objective of this study is to provide a comprehensive ex-ante study of the effects of possible modernisation of the EU’s Association Agreement with Chile, overcoming the shortcomings on the previous assessment and taking into account the new world of trade relations.
Tasks to be completed:
Task 1.Comprehensive description and short analysis of EU-Chile trade in goods and services/investment and public procurement flows/legal/policy frameworks
Task 2. Review of similar studies on Chilean FTAs
Task 3. Barriers to Agricultural Goods and Food
Task 4. Barriers to Investment
Task 5. Public Procurement
Task 6. Economic Impacts of Removing Barriers to Trade/Investment/Procurement.
Task 7. Impacts on the Rest of the World
Tasks 8. . Literature Review of FTAs on workers and 
Task 9. Employment and Labour Market Analysis
Task 10 Qualitative analysis of labour standards
Task 11 Environmental Analysis
Task 12. Impact analysis on SMEs. 
Task 13. Review of Literature of Impact on Consumers.
Task 14. Impact analysis on Consumers
Tasks 15/16/17. Human Rights Analysis 
The study will:
Identify the major changes which have occurred since the entry into force of the AA and which provide an incentive for modernising the EU-Chile FTA 
Identify and quantify all existing barriers for investment and public procurement
Provide qualitative analysis on existing barriers for trade in agricultural goods and food between the EU and Chile
Estimate the costs and benefits of removing barriers to participation in public procurement markets for producers, including specifically for SMEs and consumers in the EU and Chile
Based on CGE modelling results provided by DG Trade, estimate the overall impact of modernising the EU-Chile FTA on trade and the economy of both partners (GDP, employment, wages, and output of key sectors)
Estimate the potential impacts of modernising the EU-Chile FTA  for third countries, especially developing countries and Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
Analyse the potential social and environmental impacts of modernising the EU-Chile FTA 
Analyse the potential human rights impacts of modernising the EU-Chile FTA
European Commission, DG Trade