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A Euro-Mediterranean Green Deal? Towards a Green Economy in the Southern Mediterranean

The transition to a green economy requires nothing short of a major, structural transformation of economic models, domestic and global. The scale and pace of the change needed and the high level of uncertainty require bold commitments, cooperation, innovation and experimentation across sectors, stakeholders and countries – a fierce challenge for the globe, well beyond the shores of the Mediterranean. Each chapter in this study includes domain-specific and country-specific findings and proposes recommendations on how to accelerate the green economy in the particular context. Due to the social, economic and political heterogeneity in the region, it is obvious that a “one size fits all” solution is not suitable. Nonetheless, common findings and recommendations do emerge across the case studies.

Authors: Julia Choucair Vizoso Coordinator, Mohamed Behnassi, Zied Boussen, Georgeta Vidican Auktor, Karolina Zubel.

Published by the European Institute of the Mediterranean.


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