29 Lip 2022
Labor market, social policy and social services, Raporty CASE

Integrating NEETS In The Green And Digital Economy: Recent Trends, Policy Developments And Future Prospects

The term NEET, which stands for young people who are not in employment, education or training, is relatively new. However, it is gaining more and more importance thanks to greater attention from institutions, international organizations and the media. Governments are deeply concerned about the risk of a “lost generation” and have thus created a variety of programs and policies for the purpose of supporting NEETs.

The aim of this report is to compare the situation of NEETs at the European level with the situation in individual countries and the programs and policies supporting this group, and to provide recommendations in order to develop the most effective plan of action.





The document was provided within the SMARTLY project funded by the Erasmus+ program.




Project management: Marek PEDA, CASE –Center for Social and Economic Research