01 Jun 1998 - 01 Nov 2001
Advisory, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, macro modeling, Macroeconomics and macroeconomic policy, Ukraine

Ukrainian Macroeconomic Policy Program


The project was conducted between June 1998 and November 2001. There were two main aims of this project financed by the USAID Regional Mission in Kiev: (1) continue conceptual and technical work on a medium-term forecasting model for the Ukrainian economy (see previous projects), including transferring the necessary know-how to the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance and National Bank of Ukraine and (2) advising on the current macroeconomic policy issues to the Government of Ukraine.

On the basis on the above mentioned macroeconomic model a macroeconomic quarterly entitled 'Ukrainian Economy: Trends, Analyses, Forecasts' (Ukrainian Economic Outlook) was prepared and made accessible on CASE Ukraine website. The team of CASE and CASE Ukraine experts led by Marek Dąbrowski and Mirosław Gronicki also provided consultancy to the above mentioned government agencies, Prime Minister Office and President Administration, prepared monthly memoranda and organized regular training sessions for the government officials. It took also an active part in preparing and monitoring the economic program of the government of Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko (2000-2001).

In the project completed in November 2001 participated: Elena Besedina,  and Tamara Shygaeva.