FUTURE FOR ALL - Advancing Cross-Generational Collaboration through Futures Literacy (FFA)

The primary objective of the “FUTURE FOR ALL - Advancing Cross-Generational Collaboration through Futures Literacy (FFA)” project is to encourage active participation of citizens in the life of their respective neighborhoods with a specific emphasis on promoting intergenerational cooperation. The project addressed to elderly and youth residing in youth sociotheraphy centres (and the educators of
the respective groups) identifies specific objectives:

  • Face social problems between generations and contributing to lifelong learning
  • Fight stereotypes, improve mutual knowledge and understanding
  • Transfer of knowledge between Norway and Poland, and exchange of experience in applying futures thinking tools in working with intergenerational group
  • Equip seniors and (socially maladjusted) youth with Futures Literacy tools to help them achieve developmental goals for their life stage
  • Raise awareness of the local environment and a sense of responsibility, and agency to improve it

To achieve these goals, the project intend to leverage the innovative approach of Futures Literacy to empower and engage the two crucial demographics. Futures Literacy is a concept and methodology developed by the UNESCO that presents an altered perspective on how to perceive and engage with the future (UNESCO, n.a.). It is a cognitive skill and a framework designed to enhance one’s capacity to comprehend, navigate and shape the complex and uncertain nature of the future.

Apart from Futures Literacy approach the project will use additional activities designed to address key issues and encourage intergenerational collaboration such as:

  • anti-stereotype and integrational workshops to provide a platform for both generations to openly discuss and challenge stereotypes that may hinder effective collaboration and understanding
  • Urban Game Design: The elderly will take the lead in designing an urban game for the youth, offering them an opportunity to explore and connect with the city they know from a different perspective
  • Planting activity: A shared activity of planting flowers will be organised to foster active citizenship and environmental awareness among the groups.
  • Intergenerational trip: Organisation of a day trip to a museum or a concert chosen by either the elderly or the youth hold immense potential for interesting experiences among the participants

The activities planned in the project support intergenerational cooperation, leverage the strengths of different age groups, creating a synergy that is particularly relevant in the context of modern world. By promoting understanding, collaboration, and mutual support among generations we can collectively adapt to and address the complex challenges of today’s rapidly changing world.

The project will also strengthen bilateral cooperation between Poland and Norway in the area of building social capital in local communities. It will be achieved by a Polish and a Norwegian organisation that will combine their experiences in supporting active citizenship in their various environments and by using their different areas of expertise.

Funding: Fund for Bilateral Relations, hereinafter referred to as the “FBR” the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021

Project Leader: CASE

Project Partner: Fremtenkt