University of Warsaw, Ph.D., Economics 2020–2024

University of Wroclaw, M.A., Economics, Summa Cum Laude 2018–2020

Hacettepe University, B.S., Economics/Consumer Sciences 2012–2017


English – Fluent – (C2)

Turkish – Native

Korean - Basic


Mahmut Zeki Akarsu


Dr. Mahmut Zeki Akarsu is an expert in macroeconomics, development economics, and public economics. He earned his PhD in economics from the University of Warsaw and currently serves as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw.

Mahmut Zeki Akarsu's research includes contributions to the fields of income inequality, wage inequality, economic growth and development, and inflation in both developed and middle-income countries. His work also explores the impact of rapid economic growth on social and income structures in South Korea.

In addition to his academic achievements, Mahmut collaborates extensively with esteemed professors from the USA, Canada, Turkey, and Poland.

Selected Publications

Akarsu, M.Z., O. Gharehgozli (2024). The Inflation-Inequality Connection in the European Union:U-Turn to Equity? Journal of Economic Integration 

Akarsu, M.Z., O. Gharehgozli (2024). The Nexus Between Income Inequality and Inflation in Middle-Income Countries - Journal of Computational Social Science - 

Akarsu, M.Z., O. Gharehgozli (2023).The Impact of the War in Ukraine on European Union Currencies: A High-Frequency Analysis, Policy Studies -  - [SSRN Version]

Akarsu, M.Z., O. Gharehgozli, V. Atal (2023). An Investigation of Income and Wage Inequality in Turkey Using Burgernomics, Eastern European Economics [SSRN Version]

Morawski, L., Akarsu, M.Z., (2023), It will take time and resources:  changing disability benefits on the way  to social model in CEE countries, Global Social Policy -  

Akarsu, M.Z. (2023). Unveiling the Cyclical Patterns of Historical Wage Inequality among European Building Laborers - Ekonomika 

Akarsu, M. Z. (2022). Unequal Society: Unequal Society: A Detailed Investigation of Wage and Income Inequality in the United States, Journal of Knowledge Economy.

Akarsu, M. Z. (2021). The Impact of the Turkish Presidential System on the Turkish Lira. Journal of Banking and Financial Economics, 1(15), 14-24.

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