14 Mar 2024
Financial sector

180th mBank-CASE Seminar






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Seminar's summary


About the seminar:

BNPL, or deferred payment (effectively a loan for a period of up to 35 days), has been increasingly chosen by Polish consumers in online purchases over the past few years. While at the end of 2023, at least 15% of respondents had used the deferred payment model for online purchases (according to surveys conducted on behalf of BIK), by July 2024, this percentage had increased to 21% of respondents. A total of 1.98 million customers have used BNPL (BIK data as of the end of 2023). The number of transactions with deferred payment is dynamically increasing, and the growth potential is significant.

During the seminar, we will discuss:

  • Who pioneered BNPL worldwide.
  • Why the deferred payment model was introduced into business practice.
  • Where BNPL is thriving globally and how it is developing in Poland.
  • The typical entities involved in BNPL transactions (besides the consumer and online seller).
  • The state of the BNPL market in Poland: key market participants, characteristics of consumers using deferred payments, transaction profiles within the BNPL system.
  • Differences between BNPL users and those taking loans from Polish banks.
  • How merchants and shopping portals manage the risk of non-payment by consumers.
  • The role of BIK - Credit Information Bureau in the development of the BNPL market.
  • Factors influencing further BNPL development in Poland (consumer attitudes towards taking on obligations, inflation, economic cycle, etc.) and whether limitations can be reduced and how.