What should the Ukrainian plan for post-war recovery look like

While it is premature to declare Russia’s invasion of Ukraine over, with Ukrainians dying in the Donbas region every day, it is critical to lay the foundation for what a post-war Ukraine would look like.

In the article, Professor Christopher Hartwell, CASE Fellow, and Dmytro Boyarchuk, the President of CASE Ukraine, comment on the need to construct a plan for the future recovery of post-war Ukraine. They emphasise the need to specify what the Ukrainian plan for recovery should look like and the necessity to transform the Ukrainian state to fit the Western standards of an economic and business environment. As for now, the Ukrainian plan for recovery lacks specific information on how the resources should be allocated and the money spent. 

The article titled “Dmytro Boyarchuk and Christopher Hartwell: A Ukrainian post-war recovery plan needs specifics now” was published by Chicago Tribune: 



The article was written as part of the Towards a Reform Strategy for Ukraine project

The project was financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.