12 May 2022

Webinar 5. Project implementation and reporting

The 5th webinar on successful practices of implementation of development projects by local and regional authorities in Armenia will be devoted to types of contracts, team organization, risk and change management, monitoring and evaluation progresses, technical and financial reporting.


The project 'Equalising opportunities for the less developed regions of Armenia due to implementation of development projects' is implementing within the RITA programme of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. The main goal of the project is to empower local and regional authorities of Armenia in the context of application to regional and international funds and implementation of development projects, based on Armenian expertise and Polish experience.


RITA_Armenia (1)


More information on the project: http://www.case-research.eu/en/equalising-opportunities-for-the-less-developed-regions-of-armenia-due-to-implementation-of-development-projects-102034