Watch the videos from the CASE 30th Anniversary Conference

Watch the videos from the CASE 30th Anniversary Conference “Looking Back to Look Forward: The Future of the EU Economy” which was held on September 23-24, 2021 in Warsaw, Poland.

The Conference featured two keynote speeches delivered by notable economists. Prof. Beata Javorcik's speech focued on CEE's  economic recovery after the COVID19 pandemic. Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz talked about the institutional systems and the quality of life.

We also held five sessions devoted to the challenges that Poland and Europe have been facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding policies employed by governments. In particular, we focused on the labor markets in Central and Eastern Europe, the challenges of assuring welfare and quality of life in the ageing EU population, Europe’s GVCs in the post-COVID world, and fiscal sustainability challenge during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The 1st session focused on the lessons from the experience of the transition countries in Eastern Europe. During this session, Prof. Anders Aslund and Prof. Christopher A. Hartwell presented their papers. Their presentations followed by a high-level panel discussion about the lessons of transitions.

The Conference was organized under the patronage of the European Commission, the Mayor of Warsaw, and the World Bank. Media patrons for the Conference included Rzeczpospolita, Emerging Europe, and

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Opening remarks:
Ewa Balcerowicz, Chairwoman of CASE Supervisory Council
Izabela Marcinkowska, CASE President



Keynote speech:
Leszek Balcerowicz, Warsaw School of Economics, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and National Bank Governor, Chairman of the FOR
“The Institutional Systems and the Quality of Life”


Session No. 1: Lessons From the Experience of Post-Communist Transition in Eastern Europe

PART 1. Papers presentations (Papers will be shared with registered participants prior the Conference):
Anders Aslund, Georgetown University and CASE
“The Biggest Problem in Post-Communist Transition: The Privatization of Large Enterprises”
Christopher Hartwell, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Kozminski University, and CASE
“The Crisis of Illiberal Regionalism: A Failing Paradigm?”
MODERATOR: Andrew Wrobel, Emerging Europe



Session No. 1: Lessons From the Experience of Post-Communist Transition in Eastern Europe

PART 2. Discussion Panel
SPEAKERS: Sergei Guriev (Sciences Po), Beata Javorcik (European Bank for Reconstruction and
Development), Andrius Kubilius (Member of the European Parliament (AFET, ITRE), Co-President of the
Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, former Prime Minister of Lithuania)
MODERATOR: Anders Aslund, Georgetown University and CASE


Session No. 2: Bracing for Impact – Labor Markets in Central and Eastern Europe

SPEAKERS: Wendy Carlin (University College London and Centre for Economic Policy Research), Martin
Kahanec (Central European University, CELSI, UEBA and GLO), Iga Magda (Institute for Structural
Research, Warsaw School of Economics), Jan Svejnar (Columbia University, Member of the CASE Advisory
MODERATOR: Joanna Tyrowicz, University of Warsaw, FAME|GRAPE and IZA


Session No. 3: Challenges of Assuring Welfare and Quality of Life in the Ageing EU Population

SPEAKERS: Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak (Warsaw School of Economics), Hans Dubois (Eurofound),
Bernhard Ebbinghaus (University of Oxford)
MODERATOR: Agnieszka Sowa-Kofta, Member of the CASE Supervisory Council


Keynote speech:
Beata Javorcik, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
“Central and Eastern Europe’s economic recovery after the COVID19 pandemic”


Session No. 4: Europe’s GVCs in the Post-COVID World

SPEAKERS: Michael Landesmann (Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies), Daria Taglioni
(World Bank), Wing Woo (University of California, Member of the CASE Advisory Council)
MODERATOR: Jan Hagemejer, Vice-President and Macroeconomics & Trade Director at CASE


Session No. 5: Fiscal Sustainability Challenge During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

SPEAKERS: Daniel Gros (Centre for European Policy Studies, Member of the CASE Advisory Council), Leslie Lipschitz (Former Director of the IMF Institute, a Principal at Global Strategic Advisers, LLC), Jacek Rostowski (Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Poland, co-founder of CASE), Charles Wyplosz (The Graduate Institute in Geneva and Member of the CASE Advisory Council)
MODERATOR: Marek Dąbrowski, co-founder and Fellow at CASE, Non-Resident Scholar at Bruegel,
Professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow