• M.A. Economics (1994) Academy of Economic Studies, University of Chisinau

Veaceslav Negruta

Expertise: economic and monetary policy, banking sector development, country debt management


Previous CASE projects:

• Cost Analysis and Budgeting of the EGPRSP (Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper), World Bank, (Feb. - May 2004)
• Senior Economist for a Fiscal Reform Project in Moldova, Barents Group LLC and USAID, (Sept. 2001-Oct. 2003)
• Macroeconomist, Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms - World Bank/UNDP project, (Dec. 1997-March 200)

Previous positions:

• Economist, BIZPRO Moldova, a USAID-funded project implemented by DAI
• Local consultant, Trade Study in Moldova, World Bank (2003)
• Director - Monetary Policy and Research Department, National Bank of Moldova (March 2000-Sept. 2001)
• Chief Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, Government of Moldova (1999)
• Head of the Macroeconomic Division of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Moldova, (July 1994 - Dec. 1997)

project involvement: expert