Radomir Djuric

Radomir Djuric has graduated in Law at Josip Juraj Strossmeyer University in Osijek, the North-East border region of Croatia.  He is a consultant with expertise in law and administrative practice related to the Integrated Border Management (IBM),  Local Border Management regime (under EC Regulation 1931/2006), cross-border and interagency cooperation, regime of border control of persons and goods. Due to his experience as Key Expert, primarily on EU-Russia Crossing of Goods (Polish-Russian border), EC Integrated Border Management project in Kosovo and the EC Development of the Border Management Roadmap and Execution of a Border Gate Survey in Turkey, Mr. Djuric knows the complexity of cross-border relations in different European contexts.

He resides in the Italian border region with Switzerland and knows the administrative, fiscal and other practical issues relevant to the  cross-border workers (frontalieri). Examples of his recent involvement include “EC Crossing of Goods at the EU-Russia Border“ (EU Delegation to Moscow, 2012). He also analyzed the implementation benchmarks of the National Integrated Border Management (IBM) Strategy, the National IBM Action Plan and Standard Procedures for Border Crossings (EUD to Macedonia fYR, 2010).

project involvement: expert