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Prospects for EU-Moldova economic relations


In recent years, external links of the Republic of Moldova have been determined by the influence of two geopolitical blocks, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the European Union (EU). Moldova is currently a member of the CIS, largely as a result of historical economic and political ties. However, despite the strong ties with the CIS, relations with the EU are becoming increasingly important particularly with regard to the economic situation in the country. Following the 2007 EU enlargement, Moldova will directly border the EU community, as a result of the border with Romania, making strong relations with the EU even more important. Further, there are a large number of inhabitants of Moldova who possess Romanian passports which will necessitate increased Moldova- EU cooperation.
This study analyses the current situation in Moldova and presents scenarios for future economic integration of Moldova with the European Union. It is expected that these findings will be used in the formulation of Moldovan economic policy, particularly while drafting the next framework agreement with the EU.