09 Mar 2023
Evaluation, Financial sector, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy, mBank – CASE Seminar Proceedings

Place of crowdfunding in financing investment projects in Poland

Crowdfunding for business ventures, commonly referred to interchangeably as investment crowdfunding or equity crowdfunding, is a young practice. It first appeared in the USA (in 2009), and is now a rapidly expanding market in developed economies. The first case of investment crowdfunding in Poland, historically the first issuance, took place in 2012, barely three years later than in the United States.

Such crowdfunding is a form of raising capital from the market (from investors) for the development of companies by entrepreneurs or owners, acting as the issuers. Specialised companies (fintechs) creating so-called crowdfunding platforms for matching demand with supply – and where offerings are announced and transactions carried out – are the market’s intermediaries. The report we are releasing discusses the specifics of investment crowdfunding, or in other words how this form of raising funds differs from older forms of external financing for businesses. It also presents the potential and the role of crowdfunding for the development of the capital market in Poland, describing demand for this type of financing, the level of interest among investors, and what both demand and interest depend on. In November 2021, European regulations were introduced specifically for this new market. Our authors analyse how these regulations will affect the future of equity crowdfunding in Poland.

This issue of mBank-CASE Seminar Proceedings, on crowdfunding in Poland, follows on from a seminar held in March 2022. Three guests at the seminar were experts participating directly in the development of this new component of Poland’s capital market, therefore possessing unique knowledge of the specifics of crowdfunding, and its strengths and limitations.