• PhD thesis at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
  • BA at Queen’s University, Canada.

English (fluent), Ukrainian (fluent), French (fluent).

Oleh Havrylyshyn

CASE Fellow

CASE Fellow


  • economics of transition
  • Eastward Enlargement of the EU
  • Economy of Independent Ukraine
  • Trade and Globalization
  • Tendencies in Post-Communist Countries


Oleh Havrylyshyn, an internationally-recognized research economist and former Deputy Finance Minister of Ukraine. Until 2007, he was Deputy Director of the Europe Department at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), responsible for countries of the FSU, and was an Alternate Executive Director of the IMF Board of Directors. Dr. Havrylyshyn also had a distinguished career in academia from 1972-1991, as Professor of Economics  at Queen’s University and  George Washington University in the US, and also as Visiting Professor at Univ. Libre de Bruxelles ( 1981-2) and the Geneva Institute of International Studies (1986-7). Since 2007, he has taught courses at the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, and the Joint Vienna Institute of the IMF, concentrating on Economics of Transition, Eastward Enlargement of the EU, and the Political Economy of Transition in CIS Countries.  Dr. Havrylyshyn has written extensively on international economics, development, and transition. Dr. Havrylyshyn holds a B.A. from Queen’s University (Canada) and a PhD in economics from MIT. He is fluent in English, Ukrainian, and French.



Current Positions:

  • CASE Fellow,
  • Professor at Toronto University and the Joint Vienna Institute since 2007.

Previous Positions:

  • Professor of Economics at Queen’s University and George Washington University,
  • Visiting Professor at University Libre de Bruxelles (1981-1982) and Geneva Institute of International Studies (1986-1987),
  • IMF Deputy Director of the European Department,
  • Deputy Minister of Finance and International Affairs, Ukrainian Government.


Selected publications:

  • “A Quarter Century of Economic Reform in Ukraine: Too Late, Too Little, Too Slow.” (2015), economic Analysis Study of CASE Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland,
  • A Quarter Century of Post-Communist Transformation: Early Reformers Still Lead, Laggards (mostly) till Lag.“ (2015), Cato Policy Studies Paper, Washington D.C.: The CATO Institute,
  • “Ukraine: Greatest Hopes, Greatest Disappointments,” (2014), Ch.9 in Anders Aslund and Simeon Djankov (eds.) The Great Rebirth. Lessons from the Victory of Capitalism over Communism. Washington, D.C.: The Peterson Institute for International Economics, 
  • “Is The Transition Over? A Definition and Some Measurements” (2013), Chapter 4 in Handbook of Transition Economics, eds: Paul Hare and Gerard Turley, London: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, pp.59-73,
  • “Export-led growth and trade among developing countries: tendencies and prospects,” in Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, Monthly Report, June 2010.


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