Luca Barbone

CASE Fellow

Luca Barbone was a President of the CASE Management Board from September 19th, 2011 to September 30th, 2013. Mr. Barbone joined CASE in January 2011 upon his retirement from the World Bank, where he had worked since 1988, and where he held various leadership posts, among others Director in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Policy Unit in the Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (2007-2011), World Bank Director for Poverty Reduction (2004- 2007), and Regional Director for Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus (2000-2004). He was a leading development professional with over 25 years of experience in policymaking and analysis. Main areas of personal interest included: (i) economic crisis and growth prospects; (ii) economic consequence of long-term demographic trends; (iii) migration and development; (iv) fiscal institutions, fiscal consolidation (v) social cohesion and political economy of reforms in Europe and Central Asia. Prior to the World Bank, Mr. Barbone worked for the Organisation for Cooperation and Development (Paris), the International Monetary Fund, The Planning Institute of Jamaica, and the Bank of Italy. He earned a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He published a number of articles in professional journal and books.

Dr. Luca Barbone, aged 62, passed away on September 1, 2015 after short but dramatic struggle with cancer.


Selected Publications:

  •  “The Great Crisis and Fiscal Institutions in Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia”, with Roumeen Islam and Luis-Alvaro Sanchez, forthcoming in Banca d'Italia, Crisis and Fiscal Response, 2010
  •  “The Foreign-Born Population in the European Union and Its Contribution to National Tax and Benefit Systems”, with Misha Bontch Osmolovsky and Salman Zaidi, Policy Research Working Paper, 4899, World Bank, April 2009
  •  “Enhancing the Development Impact of Migration, with Andrew Dabalen, Bank i Kredyt, 40 (6), 2009, 59–76
  •  “Strengthening Governance through Engaged Societies: Lessons from the Implementation of Poverty Reduction Strategies” World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 3898, 2006
  •  “EU Accession of Central and Eastern Europe: Bridging the Income Gap”, with Juan Zalduendo, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 1721, 2004
  •  “The Political Economy of Taxation in CIS Countries, with Luis-Alvaro Sanchez, in Banca d'Italia, Tax Policy, 2003
  •  “Market based debt reduction agreements: a case study on Mexican and Polish Brady Bonds” with Lorenzo Forni, International Journal of Finance and Economics (U.K.); 6, No. 2:115-26, April 2001
  •  Forest Taxes, Government Revenues and The Sustainable Exploitation of Tropical Forests”, with Juan Zalduendo Africa Region Working Paper Series n 5, 2000
  •  “Reforming Tax Systems: the World Bank Record in the 1990s” World Bank Policy Research Working Papers, n. 2237, 1999
  •  “Pensions and social security in Sub-Saharan Africa: issues and options” with Luis-Alvaro Sanchez B. Proceeedings of the International Social Security Association Meeting, Accra, 1999
  •  “The State After Communism: Administrative Transitions in Central and Eastern Europe” with Barbara Nunberg and Hans-Ulrich Derlien, World Bank Regional and Sectoral Studies, 1998
  •  “Structural Adjustment, Ownership and Size in Polish Industry”, with Domenico J. Marchetti, and Stefano Paternostro Policy Research Working Paper Series 1624, World Bank, July 1996
  •  “Public Finances and Economic Transition”, with Hana Polackova, MOCT-MOST 6:35-61, 1996
  •  “Transition and the Fiscal Crisis in Central Europe”, Economics of Transition, 3:59-74, 1995
  •  “Local and Intergovernmental Finances in Poland: An Evolving Agenda”with J. Hicks, in Decentralization of the Socialist state- Intergovernmental Finance in Transition Economies, Edited by Richard Bird a, Robert Ebel and Christine Wallich, World Bank, 1995

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