Kamil Pruchnik is a Ph.D. candidate at the Warsaw School of Economics (visiting Ph.D. studies at Georgetown University and Harvard University, USA). Currently, he is a Strategy & Planning expert at HSBC Bank where he works on the design and execution of the strategy for the new ring-fenced bank in the UK. Before joining the UK team, he worked in HSBC Poland where he supported the CEO and Head of Business in developing and executing local strategy, coordinated key governance processes, and provided macro and competitive insights for local and global executives. Before joining HSBC, he worked at the National Bank of Poland (Warsaw) and the World Bank at the Office of the Chief Economist for Europe and Central Asia (Washington). He was also a member of the Polish Delegation to the UN in 2014 where he worked on the III Committee (New York). He won a number of awards and competitions including the Young Economist Award (Polish Association of Economists), the Youth Innovation Prize (World Bank), and the Diamond Grant for his Ph.D. research (Ministry of Higher Education, Poland).

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