22 May 2018

Dr. Przemysław Kowalski participated in the 2nd GTIPA summit in Milan

Dr. Przemysław Kowalski, the President of the Management Board of CASE, participated in the 2nd Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance (GTIPA)  summit in Milan on 16-19 May 2018, which was focused on the challenges and opportunities associated with the technological singularity we are experiencing today.

Discussions between the academics, business, policy makers and think tanks in Milan addressed the rules, practices and policies that, if implemented in the right way, could help foster innovation, expand liberties and build a more prosperous economy for a larger and larger number of people.

CASE is looking forward to further deepen its engagement with the GTIPA and to enhance its work on innovation. Innovation is becoming increasingly more important in the context of geographically fragmented and mobile economic activity in global value chains. Innovation allows to compete on the basis of unique knowledge rather than on labor costs, offering the possibility to capture larger shares of value added. Innovation-based participation in global value chains will be pivotal for Poland and other countries in the region if their living standards are to continue converging with those of more advanced EU countries. It is a strategic priority for CASE to keep engaging in this debate.

GTIPA is a global network of more than twenty independent think tanks that are supporters of greater global trade liberalization and integration, and which at the same time believe that governments can and should play important and proactive roles in spurring greater innovation and productivity in their enterprises and economies.  CASE is a member of GTIPA since its beginning in 2016.