DEEP Project website

We are pleased to announce the launch of the DEEP (Digital Entrepreneurship for Employability Paths) project website.

The website serves as a resource for all aspects of the project. You will find there news on the progress of the project and a consultation page where you can participate in surveys on the digital entrepreneurship dynamics in VET (vocational education and training). E-learning training materials and a report on the dynamics of digital entrepreneurship in VET produced as part of this project will also be published on the website.

The DEEP’s main aim is to improve chances for professional success of VET students with different backgrounds by developing not only their entrepreneurial skills (or knowledge), but also their digital skills. One of the innovative features of the DEEP project is that it teaches these skills in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner, unlike their separate treatment in the curricula of state education in most European countries.

On the other hand, the project provides VET teachers, trainers and mentors with the necessary tools and knowledge to help their students effectively acquire entrepreneurial and digital skills. DEEP proposes an integrated approach, possible through the cooperation of partners active in multiple sectors.



  1. Mapping and taking stock of digital entrepreneurship dynamics in Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and on the European level, by identifying common trends, issues, best practices and tools.

  2. Boosting both digital and entrepreneurial skills by developing and testing a set of innovative education materials and resources with the use of which at least 200 VET students will be trained by participating organizations by the end of the project.

  3. Deploying project results throughout Europe via its Open Educational Resources (OER) platform destined to become a knowledge hub and an open education focal point.

  4. Rising awareness among VET providers and training authorities on the potential of digital and entrepreneurship skills and their role as business success factors.