CASE was an institutional partner of Global Leader Congress

CASE was an institutional partner of Global Leader Congress

CASE was an institutional partner of the Global Leader Congress, which took place on 8th and 9th June 2018 in Warsaw.

One of the Friday panels was moderated by Przemysław Kowalski, President of the CASE Board.

The Congress has facilitated good practices exchange and networking among the Polish experts involved in international organizations worldwide.

CASE President was moderating a session titled : Polish experts in the future of international economy and finance. Panellists were answering the following questions:

  • In which fields Polish experts should specialize and where are they to position in order to find themselves in the heart of globalisation changes and how can we capitalize that?
  • What kind of positions in the international organizations would allow Polish experts to influence the world economy?
  • How do the Polish experts should develop to become a part of the main activities of the wold of finance?
  • Which areas of finance and economy sectors will be a key ones in terms of those activities?

Experts who took part in the panel moderated by Przemysław Kowalski were : Mateusz Szczurek – Minister of  Finance 2013-2015, Member of European Budget Council , Sonia Wędrychowicz – Managing Director- DBS Consumer Bank Singapore, Magdalena Polan -  Analyst from Legal & General Investment Management.

During the second day of the Congress we had a pleasure to participate in the Leaders’ Café – a non-formal part of the Polish International Experts Congress. It was widely attended not only by  well esteemed experts from international organizations, private sector and research centres, but also by young and ambition Poles willing to advance their career in the international environment. Experts shared their points of view, experiences and international organisations’ characteristics along with possible career path suggestions.

The main goal of the Congress was to bring together Polish experts working in international institutions, analytical centres, universities and private sector. The idea was to launch a debate on the comprehensive approach to Polish security policy, development and economic cooperation and promoting democracy and human rights.  

More about the Congress to be found here: